I wrote All That is Lost Between Us soon after the birth of our second daughter. I was adjusting to the challenges of mothering two young girls, and curious about how mother-daughter relationships change over time. Then I saw a news article about a teenager in trouble that set the novel rolling.

This is an intimate family story, and I loved my independent teen Georgia, her sweet brother Zac, and their determined, worried mother Anya. There’s a huge secret sitting right in the middle of the book, and I moved all the reveals around a lot as I hunted for the perfect blend of suspense and storytelling.

The Lake District setting meant I had another chance to study the geography and history of Northern England, and once again it was great fun entwining the character of this beautiful place into the story. I was also fascinated by Georgia’s hobby of fell-running – although I remain an armchair admirer, without the stamina to follow in her footsteps!

What it’s about:

Seventeen-year-old Georgia has a secret – one that is isolating her from everyone she loves. She’s desperate to tell her best friend, but Sophia is ignoring her, and Georgia doesn’t know why. Before she can find out, Sophia is left fighting for her life after a hit and run, with Georgia a traumatised witness.

As a school psychologist, Georgia’s mother, Anya, should be used to dealing with scared adolescents. However, it’s very different when the girl who needs help is your own child. Meanwhile, Georgia’s father, Callum, is wracked with a guilt he can’t share – and when her younger brother, Zac, stumbles on an unlikely truth, the family relationships begin to implode.

Georgia’s secret is about to go viral, leaving her in terrible danger. Can the family rise above the lies they’ve told and fight for what matters most of all?