Checking in with … Hannah Richell

Every week I check in with one of Australia’s favourite authors to bring you their latest news, and this week I’m delighted to welcome Hannah Richell! ❤️

READING: I’ve just finished Red River Road, the new thriller coming later this year from Anna Downes. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough – totally brilliant.

WATCHING: Season One of The Tourist. It’s a wild, violent, sometimes hilarious ride through the Australian outback and I’m loving it. I don’t know why I missed out when it first came out.

LISTENING: The Ghost Story podcast, which is the most weird and compelling story about a historic murder case and a possible, connected haunting. As far as podcasts go, it’s utterly bingeable.

THINKING ABOUT: I’m currently on a metabolic re-set diet, so I find myself thinking a lot about carbs, cake and chocolate. Torture.

WORKING ON: I’m working on a second draft of my new novel, an as yet untitled thriller inspired by a local wooded area near my home which is supposedly haunted by a girl in a white dress.

LATEST BOOK: The Search Party is a twisty suspense-thriller about a group of friends glamping in Cornwall having the worst weekend of their lives. In the midst of a storm, the friends face some hard truths while looking for a missing member of their party. It’s about how far you’d go to protect your loved ones, and what happens when that little bit of wildness that lives inside all of us meets the wildness of the external world.

ABOUT HANNAH: Hannah is the bestselling author of five novels, the latest of which is The Search Party (2024). She’s a dual citizen of the UK and Australia and currently lives in the South West of England with her family.

Facebook: Hannah Richell
Instagram: @hannahrichell

Thanks for checking in, Hannah!