10 Ways to Thrive as an Author/Creative in 2024

Let’s make this a fantastic year!

It’s been very interesting listening to commentary over the last few days around predictions for the publishing industry in the coming year, from Kathleen Schmidt in Publishing Confidential and from Carly Watters on Instagram. It gave me an idea for this week’s Substack, as I didn’t do my Author Notes for December (I didn’t think a NYE business post would be the go!), so I thought that instead I’d offer an author’s perspective to sit beside the industry talking points. The minutiae of the publishing business can be overwhelming (sometimes downright terrifying!), and I’ve been in the game for nearly 25 years – sometimes hanging on by my fingernails ;) – so I can imagine how daunting it is if you’re just signing your first deal. Here are my thoughts on how authors and creatives can set ourselves up for a great 2024.

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