The joy and power of a good mantra

Celebrating the simple statements that cut through overwhelm and ease the stress of everyday living

I’ve come to rely on mantras more and more over the years. They’ve served to help me navigate the overwhelm and uncertainty of a creative career, support myself as a working mum, and they always remind me of truths that go beyond the incredibly noisy world we all live in. The best ones have resulted in some valuable and positive decision-making, never led to anything I’ve regretted, and always make me feel better.

In essence, mantras are short, repeated statements of clarity that work to remind us of essential truths. They can be joyful and encouraging, but challenging too, as sometimes the right decision or way forward can be uncomfortable and painful. However, I’ve come to know that when they resonate with me, I should listen, particularly as I suffer from the chronic condition of overthinking. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in indecision or overwhelm, and mantras are here to help.

If you don’t use mantras already, I highly recommend finding some that resonate with you. Here are a few I have on repeat, and use for both work and life…

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