Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed right now?

*Raising hand over here* Let’s discuss!

I am currently riding the bucking bronco of overwhelm, and as always it’s a hair-raising experience. Despite the best of my New Year’s intentions (I don’t call them resolutions, apparently that sets you up for a fail), I have worked the last three weekends straight, abandoned my husband and kids on a long weekend to do more work (although this doesn’t feel so bad since I support changing the date of Australia Day), and despite being secreted away in a hotel room opposite the temptations of a shopping centre and a burger joint, I’m still behind on my two A4 pages of tasks and my outlining goals for the weekend. Also, school and all those extracurriculars start up again this week. Aargh!

But this is my fault, right? I have set myself up for this through my career choices (writing novels: the most unstable and exacting profession of them all), my lifestyle choices (I try to catch up with people, and keep my house clean), my choices around children (having them in the first place, and then – gulp! – home educating them). Plus, there’s all that other stuff like procrastination and the desire to eat, wash and sleep regularly. If I could just improve my systems, learn to say no, put my kids in school, and let a few things slide, it would all get better, wouldn’t it?

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