All That Is Lost Between Us

The lies we tell for love are the most dangerous of all.

Seventeen-year-old Georgia has a secret – one that is isolating her from everyone she loves. She is desperate to tell her best friend, but Sophia is ignoring her, and she doesn’t know why. Before she can find out, Sophia is left fighting for her life after a hit and run, with Georgia a traumatised witness.

As a school psychologist, Georgia’s mother Anya should be used to dealing with scared adolescents. However, it’s very different when the girl who needs help is your own child. Meanwhile, Georgia’s father is wracked with a guilt he can’t share; and when Zac, Georgia’s younger brother, stumbles on an unlikely truth, the family relationships really begin to unravel.

Georgia’s secret is about to go viral. And yet, it will be the stranger heading for the family home who will leave her running through the countryside into terrible danger. Can the Turner family rise above the lies they have told to betray or protect one another, in order to fight for what matters most of all?

Set against the stark, rugged beauty of England’s Lake District, All that is Lost Between Us is a timeless thriller with a modern twist.

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All That is Lost Between Us

All That Is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster

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‘Do yourself a favour. Read this book. Read all of Sara Foster’s books if you haven’t already. She’s one of those writers who delivers top-notch books but doesn’t make a huge fuss … but readers, she deserves that fuss. Her writing is excellent, her stories a thrill to read; she’s skilled at making multiple perspectives work, and the tension will keep the pages turning.’

Monique Mulligan, Write Note Reviews

‘A gripping thriller’ Better Reading, February 2016

‘an engaging and suspenseful read’ Great Aussie Reads, February 2016

‘Escalating tension and classic suspense make this a contemporary page-turner.’ Briefing Culture, February 2016

‘Beautifully written’ 1Girl2ManyBooks, February 2016

‘a compelling modern domestic thriller’ Book’d Out, February 2016

‘All That is Lost Between Us is a skilfully constructed novel that kept me awake long into the night, begging to be read in one sitting.’ (Stella Charls), January 2016

‘This is classic suspense but with a wonderful modern edge.’ Australian Women’s Weekly (Hannah Richell), January 2016

‘This book is a real page-turner, and it gets the moments of tension just right.’ The Incredible Rambling Elimy (Emily Paull), January 2016

‘Foster has an uncanny ability to bring readers into the heart of the suspense, so that they stay up late, hearts thumping, to find out what happens.’ Write Note Reviews (Monique Mulligan), January 2016

‘Foster has produced a tense thriller in All That is Lost Between Us, one with a smart reveal that rewards the reader.’ The West Australian, January 2016

‘Suspense and mystery shrouds this story start to finish’, Beauty and Lace Bookclub, January 2016

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