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 Here we come #pwf17 - - looking forward to chairing a session with the fabulous @dranitaheiss and the equally fabulous Zana Fraillon @perthfest #writersofinstagram  From marine mammals to macropods, I've had an animaltastic couple of days #quokka #rottnest #justanotherdayinwa✔️  I have had v little internet connection for the past few months - here's one of the things I got up to! I'm second from right with head out of water watching my 7yo who was on one of her first snorkels! But I did get to watch, and what a privilege to swim with these graceful creatures. #justanotherdayinwa #mantaray #holidays #amazing #loveouroceans  Waiting for my event on writing suspense at the Avon Valley Festival, and Northam is looking mighty fine today. #writersofinstagram #Northam #justanotherdayinwa✔️  These books managed to sneak on to my enormous reading pile this weekend! I admire these three writers so much, it's like winning the jackpot buying new work from them all on the same day. And I love the fact the reading world is going crazy for a play script. I may have been quiet lately, but I have been working very hard, and soon I will have lots to tell you. Stay tuned! #bookstagram #writersofinstagram #literature #harrypotter #lianemoriarty #maggieofarrell #jkrowling #booklover #booklove
 I didn't make it past the Heat 4 of @booktopiabooks search for Australia's favourite author but all these amazing people did! There's more voting going on over the next week so you can keep supporting your fave Aussie authors! #ausfaveauthor #bookstagram #books #australianauthor  I had an incredible start to the New Year swimming with these amazing creatures - now I want to write another book featuring dolphins! #wildandfree #dolphins #shallowbreath #justanotherdayinwa✔️  Best book title I have seen all year! Embrace the joy! #bookstagram #messywriter  Just spent the afternoon engrossed listening to the stories of this amazing wildlife photographer Bob Poole - reminded me of how much I loved researching Shallow Breath - perhaps it is time to try a sequel if I get to hear more of these talks. Check out - what a spectacular place, and this morning I had no idea it existed. #elephants #inspiration #bobpoolefilms #gorongosa  Farewell Margaret River Readers & Writers festival, it's been fun! Back to reality and an imminent deadline for book 5. More on that very soon I hope - wish me luck! #writersofinstagram #bookstagram #margaretriver #writersfestival
 Excited to see I'm in Heat 4 of @booktopiabooks search for Australia's Favourite author - I would love your vote! This list has many of my favourite writers on it, and this is only one of numerous days of voting. Voting link is and you can vote for as many authors as you like until tomorrow morning. #ausfaveauthor #australianauthor #books #bookstagram  In my house the dolls are stuffed in a drawer while the animals dress to impress and live in the dolls house.  This week I talked about my new novel the Hidden Hours for the first time with the brilliant Cheryl Akle from @betterreadingau - I have only just finished editing it so it all feels very new and exciting! Full interview here: #betterreadingau #writersofinstagram #writing #newnovel #thriller #suspense #authorsofinstagram #authorinterview #editingistough  Getting ready for a visitor tonight! #childhood #toothfairy #sweetdreams  Loved listening to @joshlangleyauthor talk about his book 'Dying to Know' at the Margaret River readers and writers festival.
 I spent yesterday morning at Bhodinyana monastery with my sisters and eldest daughter, and was lucky enough to meet Ajahn Brahm, Buddhist monk and teacher, whose books I love. The community welcomed us with open arms, we felt instantly at home during the ceremony and meal and afterwards spent some time in this beautiful meditation hall. If you haven't read any of Ajahn's books then check them out - they are funny, uplifting and life-affirming. #buddhism #soulfood #meditation #ajahnbrahm #books  So excited to show you my new book cover - isn't it fab! Hidden Hours will be released April 2017. #bookstagram #writersofinstagram #bookcover #thriller #suspense #mystery #london #australia #whodunnit #hurray  It's been an amazing week for the Foster family - we hiked the Great Wall with our two young kids - kudos to my husband for carrying the 3yo up a zillion steep steps. Now I'm about to spend two days listening to some incredible scholars from China and Australia talking about their work - can't wait. #sevenwonders #bliss #lovingchina  Last night I had the privilege of attending the launch of Tess Wood's debut novel Love at First Flight (Tess is on the left, being interviewed by Monique Mulligan of Serenity Press). Tess's story of publication had a resounding message: to give yourself the best chance of achieving your dreams, stay focused, be positive, and never give up! Congratulations, Tess, on your fantastic achievement and all you did to make it happen. #bookstagram #writersofinstagram  What will you be reading this weekend? I have just finished Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale and can't recommend it enough. This cover is a strange choice - it suggests the book is much sweeter and lighter than it is. What's inside is a gripping, heart-wrenching story of two sisters in occupied France in WW2, their experience of war and their battles not only with the enemy and one another but with their own humanity. #recommendedreading #bookstagram #writersofinstagram #thenightingale #ww2 #France #kristenhannah #booklover