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 Fun with @natashalesterauthor at the launch of #beautifulmessylove by the brilliant @tesswoods_author - wearing purple to please my purple-crazy 3yo.  Here's @dranitaheiss enjoying herself on stage last night at the @sydwritersfest Gala event Nasty Women featuring 6 diverse and fascinating authors. Anita gave a rousing and heartfelt speech paying homage to some of the women who paved the way for her - Barangaroo, Oodgeroo, Anita's mother and grandmother and her close friend Rosie Scott. Loved every minute. #inspiring #writersofinstagram #sydwritersfest #nastywomen  With my lovely fellow panellists this morning after talking about The Writer's Habitat at @sydwritersfest - with @jenevievechang David Francis and Caroline Brothers #writersofinstagram #writersfestivals #sydwritersfest  Check out this fab illustration of me and Mark Greenwood talking with Anita Kirkbright about death in our books - drawn earlier today by the very talented Marina Baker at #bigsky2017 #writersofinstagram #writerslife  Great night watching this awesome movie with @seashepherdaustralia - amazing work and still going in the #fightforthebight - protecting some of Australia's greater and lesser known national treasures. BP have pulled out but it's not over yet and they need support for all their great work #seashepherdaustralia #greataustralianbight #conservation #inspiring #jeedara #migaloo #whalenursery #sealions
 I love finding poetry and quotations in unexpected places - here's a slight tweaking of Edgar Allen Poe that I found on the whiteboard in the staff room of a furniture shop when my little ones urgently needed the bathroom! #inspiration #beautifulwords #poetry  I had a brilliant evening tonight listening to Michael Robotham interview Ian Rankin. Rankin talked about how cathartic writing can be and said he thinks crime writers are nice and friendly because we get all our dark stuff out on paper. He said it's the romance writers you have to watch as - in his words - that lot will 'stab you in the front'! What do you think of that @natashalesterauthor @rachaeljohnsromance @tesswoods_author @fiona_palmer  (I'll have to try to write this up as a blog as it was such an excellent interview)  Touchdown in Sydney at sundown. See you tomorrow @sydwritersfest   David Hunt and Meg McKinlay nailing it during the 'films win, books lose' debate at perhaps the best festival session ever - face hurting from laughing! #bigsky2017 #authorswon #theywereagainstbooks!  Author event next week! Come and hear all about the Hidden Hours - bookings essential #hiddenhours #thehiddenhours #fiction #perthevents #mountlawley #beaufortstreetbooks #authorevent
 Just spotted nearly all my ducks - I mean books - in a row! First time I have seen three of them with their beautiful new jackets on. Such a #proudmoment - can't wait to see all 5 together!  Had a great morning in Sydney with these lovely people at my Disrupt Your Creativity workshop. Part of @sydwritersfest #writersofinstagram #writingworkshop  My 3 year old had to design a house and add her family this morning (with a little help!). You might recall I only have two children so who is the girl in the doorway? Why, that's my little one's imaginary friend, who has been with us for about 6 months now - and gets pride of place!! The stories she tells us about what they get up to makes me wonder if this kid has a storytelling future! #childhood  Audiobook - check. Obligatory popcorn - check. Delicious snack of own book cover made by the multi-talented @well_read_cookie and sent across the country by @Simon schusterau - check! It's time for Big Sky festival - see you soon Geraldton!! #bookstagram #bigskyfestival #geraldton #bookcookie #writersofinstagram #writersfestivals  Last few days of being one of the iBooks books of the month for April alongside some incredible books including my great pal @natashalesterauthor - it's been a lot of fun watching my book nudge between some amazing names (my author heroes!) for a little while in the fiction charts - and my first book Come Back to Me has even had a look in too! #thehiddenhours #hiddenhours #comebacktome #iBooks #happyauthor #fiction
 What a privilege it was listening to Jane Goodall tonight - Ms8 and I were lucky enough to be allowed to ask a question and find out who inspires Jane: answers included Dr Doolittle, Gary Haun and Nelson Mandela. Lots of food for thought about how to contribute to saving the natural world one piece at a time. #janegoodall #inspired #rootsandshoots #chimps #myhero  You bump into the best people in bookshops! Poster posing with the fabulous @dranitaheiss #writersofinstagram #barbedwiresandcherryblossoms #readit #itsfab  I will be at Dymocks Ellenbrook at 11 am tomorrow signing books for Mother's Day - come and say hi! #authorevent #booksigning #hiddenhours #thehiddenhours #mothersdaygift #ellenbrook #perthevents #dymocks  The amazingly talented @well_read_cookie turned my book cover into a cookie! Looks so good how could I ever eat it?! #bookstagram #cookies #hiddenhours #thehiddenhours  Today I discovered that school rooms 100 years ago really hated those tricky words! #worddemons #kalamundahistoricvillage