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 Happy Easter! If you live my way and fancy an Easter treat then Grill’d at Ocean Keys (Mindarie/Clarkson), who make the best burgers in town, are currently running a promotion where you can win one of my books! #booksandburgers  Congratulations to fellow WA author and friend Dervla McTiernan whose debut crime thriller The Ruin is released in Australia today and has already shot straight to the top of the charts. It is beautifully written and introduces a new detective you are sure to love. Don’t miss it!  Aretha tribute night at @theellingtonjazzclub - these ladies and the whole band were amazing! Always love a night out at the Ellington. I tried to introduce my daughters to some Aretha classics this morning but they weren't that impressed with my pyjama dancing. Will try Abba on them tomorrow   Reading hour often happens late in my household, once the kids have fallen asleep, and so tonight I have stayed up past my bedtime to finish this wonderful novel, which will wrest your heart one moment and have you laugh out loud the next. What a very special storyteller you are @tesswoods_author - your characters might be fictional but your warmth and determination is in the bedrock of your story and it's so hard to think that Nick and Anna and Ahmo Fariz and Tante Rosa are not out there somewhere (although of course in so many ways they are). I hope that everyone else enjoyed their reading hour as much as I did. #crazymessylove #brbreading #australianreadinghour  I love finding poetry and quotations in unexpected places - here's a slight tweaking of Edgar Allen Poe that I found on the whiteboard in the staff room of a furniture shop when my little ones urgently needed the bathroom! #inspiration #beautifulwords #poetry
 Congratulations to @natashalesterauthor on the publication of The Paris Seamstress - if you are looking for a great Easter Read then this is it my friends. You will laugh and cry and be transported. #parisseamstress  Found these beauties growing in the forest today. #naturedoesntneedafilter  My 8yo was snake wrangling when her buddy decided to check me out. Who's watching who?! #schoolholsfun  What will you be reading today for the Australian Reading Hour? I'll report back on my reading later on! #brbreading #australianreadinghour  Just spotted nearly all my ducks - I mean books - in a row! First time I have seen three of them with their beautiful new jackets on. Such a #proudmoment - can't wait to see all 5 together!
 It’s my birthday today  and I couldn’t have wished for a better present than to hear that The Hidden Hours has gone into another reprint and is now deemed a bestseller! A huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you for reading my books and making this possible   Happy Valentines Day and happy #libraryloversday - the perfect day to thank libraries for all the love they have brought into my world over the years ❤️ #librarylover  One of my favourite things about Perth - pelicans hanging out on streetlights #justanotherdayinwa  I have BIG NEWS today - so pleased to announce that I have signed a contract to publish two more books with @simonschusterau ! I can't wait to share the stories - I'm obsessed with the characters in my next novel at the moment, they are up to some really juicy things! #amwriting #books #writing #authorsofinstagram #booknews #psychologicalsuspense #lovethisgenre  What a privilege it was listening to Jane Goodall tonight - Ms8 and I were lucky enough to be allowed to ask a question and find out who inspires Jane: answers included Dr Doolittle, Gary Haun and Nelson Mandela. Lots of food for thought about how to contribute to saving the natural world one piece at a time. #janegoodall #inspired #rootsandshoots #chimps #myhero
 I’m always grateful for people who remember to take photos at events as I invariably forget! I had a great time talking with Susan Midalia about The Hidden Hours tonight as part of @perthfest writers week - thanks to everyone who came along. #hiddenhours #perthfestww  Today and for the rest of the year I will be celebrating because The Hidden Hours has made it on to @betterreadingau top 100 books of 2017! What an honour. #hiddenhours #pinchme  When you turn up at your Mum's and find your childhood bed unceremoniously dumped at the roadside ready for verge collection! #solongbed #80sbedfreetogoodhome #mumgotafancynewdaybed  Fun with @natashalesterauthor at the launch of #beautifulmessylove by the brilliant @tesswoods_author - wearing purple to please my purple-crazy 3yo.  Here's @dranitaheiss enjoying herself on stage last night at the @sydwritersfest Gala event Nasty Women featuring 6 diverse and fascinating authors. Anita gave a rousing and heartfelt speech paying homage to some of the women who paved the way for her - Barangaroo, Oodgeroo, Anita's mother and grandmother and her close friend Rosie Scott. Loved every minute. #inspiring #writersofinstagram #sydwritersfest #nastywomen