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 I may be suffering from chronic jet lag but I am loving the extra reading time - and this book is soooo good!  I mentioned this book earlier in the year but it really has been a standout read for me this year so I’m giving it another Christmas shout out. Post-apocalyptic feminist fiction at its finest. #bookoftheunnamedmidwife  Check out the fab festive display of my books at my local Grill’d in Clarkson - love these guys ❤️  Loving the Perth city sunrise before I start my morning of editing.  How lucky am I? In just one week I’ll be hosting a conversation with Liane Moriarty about her superb new novel Nine Perfect Strangers at the @dymocksjoondalup / Joondalup library event. I can’t wait to find out more about this wonderful book. #nineperfectstrangers
 Happy Hogmanay! Hope 2019 brings everything you wish for.  If you are looking for a YA Christmas pressie look no further - Hive is a brilliant dystopian read from AJ Betts and like all great YA it’s perfect for adults too. I was completely absorbed in the story of a young girl called Hayley who tends to her bees and follows the rules of her small community until one day an unexplainable event begins to completely change her world. No surprise to see this one is already on awards lists.  Remembrance Day, St George’s Cathedral Perth #lestweforget  We have had Aqua Dragons before but never managed to complete the life cycle. However all those tiny white smudges in the water are babies, on the left is a female full of eggs and the two in the middle look to be mating. This tank is about to get very full!  I can’t imagine what it would have been like to write a novel on one of these! Who had a typewriter as a kid? I loved mine but I don’t think I wrote more than a page using it. Picture from a beautiful little museum in Mount Flora, WA.
 Not every day you get an airbus all to yourself! This was mid flight - obviously no one wants to leave Lapland and I can understand why!  Some Christmas picks from me and my family to you and yours. First up we love this picture book from Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge - sends my girls to bed with beautiful dreams of their own in their heads, and has led to some lovely conversations about travels and goals. #onceuponasmallrhinoceros #childhooddreams #childrensbooks #perfectpressie  This beautiful book is out today! In 1906, Kathleen O’Connor left conservative Perth, where her famous father’s life had ended in tragedy. She had her sights set on a career in thrilling, bohemian Paris. More than a century later, novelist Amanda Curtin faces her own questions, of life and of art, as she embarks on a journey in Kate’s footsteps. Part biography, part travel narrative, this is the story of an artist in a foreign land who, with limited resources and despite the impacts of war and loss, worked and exhibited in Paris for over forty years. Kate’s distinctive figure paintings, portraits and still lifes, highly prized today, form an inseparable part of the telling. Congratulations Amanda Curtin @amandalookingupdown - I can’t wait to read it and know it will be exquisite.  Got to love spring/Perth wildflower season. #naturedoesntneedafilter  Snuck off to the Swan Valley for father’s day breakfast and this is my view. Over in the distance, my hubby and kids appear to be having boat issues but there’s no distress flare yet so I’m making the most of the peace!
 And finally, don’t forget these two stellar novels published this year! I’m not just mentioning them because they were written by dear friends of mine ... if you look on GoodReads or anywhere else you will see that everyone agrees they are brilliant books, which is why they have been gathering bestseller labels and all-round praise everywhere this year. Now I’d better go and play in the snow because it’s not often I’ll get the chance! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year   I’m a long way from home right now and it is STUNNING here! #lapland #lookingforsanta  It’s silkworm time again in our household - it’s becoming a tradition! Here are our biggest and smallest together plus some pictures taken with a microscope camera of our tiny ones and the hatched/unhatched eggs. Who knew worms could be so fascinating. My Miss5 thinks so too which is why I have had to rescue a few from her dolls house. #wormlife #silkworms #natureisamazing  What a privilege to be in conversation with Liane Moriarty last night. Her new book Nine Perfect Strangers is brilliant, and in person Liane was warm, funny and inspiring. Thanks to @dymocksjoondalup and Joondalup library @city_of_joondalup for a fantastic evening. #nineperfectstrangers #books #author #lianemoriarty  Great afternoon at Armadale Writers festival, talking crime fiction with David Whish-Wilson, Felicity Young and Toni Buti. Now it’s straight back to the editing cave for me - can’t wait to emerge!