Wintermoor is the German title for Beneath the Shadows, and I had a lovely surprise today to discover it will be in the shops officially from tomorrow, and is already up on a host of online sites. Hello to all you lovely German readers, and here’s the synopsis in German:

Das Moor vergisst nicht.

Ein Jahr ist es her, dass Grace mit ihrer kleinen Tochter das einsame North Yorkshire fluchtartig verließ. Ein Jahr, seit ihr Mann spurlos im Moor verschwand.

Seitdem sucht Grace nach Antworten. Doch als sie jetzt ins Moor zurückkehrt, stößt sie auf eine Mauer des Schweigens. Welches Geheimnis verbergen ihre Nachbarn? Wem kann sie trauen? Und was bedeuten die merkwürdigen Träume? Während Schneestürme das Dorf von der Außenwelt abschneiden, wird Grace klar: Jemand versucht mit allen Mitteln, die Wahrheit vor ihr zu verbergen. Wie weit wird er gehen?col-md-2

And you can read my answers here: Sara Foster answers ten terrifying questions 

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Book Group Questions for Come Back to Me

1. Explore the different ways that the title theme of ‘Come Back to Me’ resonates throughout the book.

2. What do you think of Alex’s dilemma and choices? Can a person be truly in love with two people at the same time?

3. The changing nature of relationships between parents and children features prominently in the book. Discuss the nature and complexities of adult children’s relationships with their parents.

4. Each character goes on some kind of figurative journey within the novel. By the end, what do you think they each have learned, and how might it change them?

5. Different types of loss feature heavily in the novel. Which types of loss stand out most for you? How have these losses shaped the characters’ lives?

6. Each character in the book has personality traits that appear to be holding them back in life. Can you identify them? Do they change during the course of the story? If so, how?

7. Explore Alex’s motivations and experiences in the story. How much is he a victim of circumstance, and how much does he bring on himself through his decisions?

8. Where did your sympathies lie during the course of the novel, and why?

9. **NEW** At one point, Chloe asks: ‘What had she done to cause everything that was happening to her?’ This may be a harsh question to direct at herself, but it is an understandable one. Discuss how the notion of responsibility plays out in the novel, and the extent to which the characters are responsible for themselves or each others’ actions or reactions.

10. **NEW** Chloe, Alex and Julia/Amy have all pushed memories away or suppressed them in order to get on with their lives. Explore why they have done this, and what it means for them.

11. **NEW** Towards the end of the book, Margaret suggests to Chloe, ‘…maybe Alex is trying to protect you…’ Do you agree with this statement? Is that what Alex was trying to do?

12. **NEW** Throughout the book, there are lots of references to opportunities for connection between the characters, opportunities that might not come round again, or moments when they have to choose whether to speak or to withhold information. Can you identify these, and what do you think of the choices each character makes?col-md-2