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Sara Foster is the internationally published, bestselling author of five novels. Before Sara was an author she worked as a book editor, and has helped to produce over 100 published books, both fiction and non-fiction, including novels by Paullina Simons, Kathryn Fox and Liane Moriarty. She lives in Western Australia with her husband and children. Find out more about Sara here.


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 It’s my husband’s birthday today and we remembered to get a photo of ourselves rather than the usual umpteen pictures of the kids. He’s an outstanding human and I love making memories with him.  When you have 2 playful kittens it’s important to build your unimpressed older cat a ‘kitten proof’ bomb shelter.  Not every day you get an airbus all to yourself! This was mid flight - obviously no one wants to leave Lapland and I can understand why!
 I listened to Then She Was Gone a few months ago and it’s really stayed with me. A fifteen year old girl called Ellie disappears, and ten years later her mother is introduced to a nine year old who looks exactly like her daughter once did. So what happened to Ellie? And for an example of the incredible narrative power that comes from carefully choosing what to leave out as well as what to include, check out the end of chapter 45. One simple sentence is all it takes to convey a scene of total horror. #audiobooks #andthenshewasgone #lisajewell #psychologicalsuspense #bookstagram #fiction #writingtips  These two sweethearts have only been with us for a couple of weeks but have brought so much joy with them.  And finally, don’t forget these two stellar novels published this year! I’m not just mentioning them because they were written by dear friends of mine ... if you look on GoodReads or anywhere else you will see that everyone agrees they are brilliant books, which is why they have been gathering bestseller labels and all-round praise everywhere this year. Now I’d better go and play in the snow because it’s not often I’ll get the chance! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year
 My daughter went into our garden to photograph flowers, and came back with this! A banded garden spider, apparently, not at all dangerous, just pretty (and large!)  May I present the reverse KonMari method: where you open a box of old toys intending to get tough and donate them, yet a couple sneak back into your daughter’s cupboard. You can even tell which two I’m talking about as they both look guilty. Not sure I will ever be clutter free - there are too many sentimental genes in our house.  I mentioned this book earlier in the year but it really has been a standout read for me this year so I’m giving it another Christmas shout out. Post-apocalyptic feminist fiction at its finest. #bookoftheunnamedmidwife
 These funny little illustrations are an incredible example of how different brains learn facts. My daughter, who has dyslexia and dyscalculia, was over the moon when she learned half the harder times tables in 45 minutes thanks to the Times Tales program. For someone who struggles with traditional learning approaches these innovative methods make the world of difference, and it’s wonderful to see the joy on her face as she ‘gets it’. #dylexia #learningdifferences #homeschooling #timestales #grateful  I’d heard such a lot about this one and I’ve just finished listening to the audiobook. It’s such an absorbing, intimate character study, and I loved Aoife McMahon’s narration too. The end left me with lots of feelings but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone! #bookstagram #normalpeople #literature #audiobooks  If you are looking for a YA Christmas pressie look no further - Hive is a brilliant dystopian read from AJ Betts and like all great YA it’s perfect for adults too. I was completely absorbed in the story of a young girl called Hayley who tends to her bees and follows the rules of her small community until one day an unexplainable event begins to completely change her world. No surprise to see this one is already on awards lists.
 Enjoying a family bushwalk on a beautiful sunny morning.  I may be suffering from chronic jet lag but I am loving the extra reading time - and this book is soooo good!  Some Christmas picks from me and my family to you and yours. First up we love this picture book from Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge - sends my girls to bed with beautiful dreams of their own in their heads, and has led to some lovely conversations about travels and goals. #onceuponasmallrhinoceros #childhooddreams #childrensbooks #perfectpressie
 These Little Women dress up dolls are at least 70 years old, possibly older - my mum and I both played with them for hours as children. I loved those books so much - identified with Jo and loved Meg too. My girls haven’t found these stories yet, I’ll have to rectify that soon. #littlewomen #vintagedolls #bookstagram #memories #marchsisters  Happy Hogmanay! Hope 2019 brings everything you wish for.  I’m a long way from home right now and it is STUNNING here! #lapland #lookingforsanta

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