Only 90,000 words to go…

Signatures have been exchanged, and the deal is done. Most significantly for me at this stage, the deadline has been set. In January 2012, all being well, I will hand over my third novel. I began work in earnest this week, and welcomed back a familiar feeling of giddiness and discomfort – the usual combination of excitement and fear that is present when I’m writing.

I have given myself a huge challenge. All I’ll say about the story at present is that it takes place along the beautiful coastline of WA, and there’s a messy, complicated family (of course!), who are already hijacking my thoughts regularly. I have the feeling that however determined I am to take the reins of their story, there will be parts of the process where all I can do is hang on and try to enjoy the ride.

One of the best parts of this job is that readers I have never met are prepared to give my ideas and imaginings some of their precious time. My desire to write a fantastic story that will capture your heart and mind is as strong as your desire to read one, so wish me luck, and let the fun and hard work begin!

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  1. Cate Pearce
    Cate Pearce says:

    I won’t hold my breath, not literally coz that’s a long time to wait, but I’m metaphorically holding it and will be cheering you on from the sidelines.
    Now get cracking baby….

  2. sara
    sara says:

    Thanks cate, glad you’re not holding breath literally or I would have to write really really fast! I am buoyed by your cheering :)

  3. noreen shiers
    noreen shiers says:

    sounds great. cant hardly wait. i am sure it will be as good or even better than the first two. guess i will have to be patient. as i borrow from the local library.

  4. Jason Boaden
    Jason Boaden says:

    Congratulations. Looking forward to the 3rd book.
    No pressure, but you’ve got two great books to live up to…

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