So my plan for March was to lock myself away to finish Book 7. But with life for all of us taking a different turn these last few weeks, my attention has rapidly shifted to family, friends, social distancing and new routines (and toilet roll!).

I’m also keenly aware that there are writers whose books are scheduled for publication whose plans and events are now in disarray, which is very hard as these books will all have been years in the making. So, I’ve put this list together with the Feb/March books that I’ve found so far, from big names to debuts, to help all us avid readers look out for them. I’ll add more as we go.

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well. Wishing you all strength and everything you need in the coming weeks x


A Testament of Character
Sulari Gentill (3 Mar 2020)…/a-testament-of-character/

The Good Turn
Dervla McTiernan (24 Feb 2020)…/the-good-turn/

Where the Truth Lies
Karina Kilmore (1 Mar 2020)…/Karina-…/9781925685862

Fifty Fifty
Steve Cavanagh (25 Feb 2020)


The Light After the War
Anita Abriel (1 Feb 2020)…/Anita-A…/9781760852405

The Paris Secret
Natasha Lester (31 Mar 2020)

The Mirror and the Light
Hilary Mantel (5 Mar 2020)…/the-mirror-and-the-light/

The Darkest Shore
Karen Brooks (24 Feb 2020)…/the-darkest-shore/

Gulliver’s Wife
Lauren Chater (1 Apr 2020)…/Lauren-…/9781925596380

The Cedar Tree
Nicole Alexander (3 Mar 2020)…/the-cedar-tree-9780143786856

Code Name Helene
Ariel Lawhon (17 Mar 2020)…/Ariel-L…/9781760855963


The Salt Madonna
Catherine Noske (25 Feb 2020)

The Coconut Children
Vivan Pham (3 Mar 2020)…/the-coconut-children-978014379…

Just An Ordinary Family
Fiona Lowe (24 Feb 2020)…/just-an-ordinary-family/

The River Home
Hannah Richell (25 Feb 2020)

My Dark Vanessa
Kate Elizabeth Russell (10 Mar 2020)…/my-dark-vanessa/

Sharks in the Time of Saviours
Kawai Strong Washburn (3 Mar 2020)…/sharks-in-the-time-of-saviours…

Truths I Never Told You
Kelly Rimmer (25 Feb 2020)…/truths-i-never-told-you

The Animals in that Country
Laura Jean McKay (31 Mar 2020)…/the-animals-in-that-cou…

Sheer Water
Lean Swann (23 Mar 2020)

The Lost Love Song
Minnie Darke (3 Mar 2020)…/the-lost-love-song-97801437923…

The Banksia Bay Beach Shack
Sandie Docker (17 Mar 2020)…/the-banksia-bay-beach-shack-97…


The Cobra Queen
Tara Moss (3 Mar 2020)…


Deep Water
Sarah Epstein (Mar 2020)…/Deep-Water-Sarah-Epstein-97…


Missing William Tyrrell
Caroline Overington (24 Feb 2020)…/missing-william-tyrrell/

Our House is on Fire: Scenes of a family and a planet in crisis
Malena Ernman, Beata Ernman, Svante Thunberg & Greta Thunberg ( 5 Mar 2020)…/our-house-is-on-fire-978024144…